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sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Sun -Sooo Beautiful & fun

Sun - aurinko - kaunista - beautiful - our dogs - koiramme
Fialka - beauty

View from our field

View from our field

Aino on her trip in the fields

Our home in the sunshine

Our dogs & our "trip to forest" in this morning

Fialka, Aino, Hali and Rolf


Fialka and snow

Julinka in the middle of the forest and snow

Hali in front and Rolf behind

Aino if front and Fialka behind

Rolf boy

Julinka in front and Hali behind

Julinka carries very big logs :)

Julinka bringing the log to forest

Julinka on the right and Hali on the left

After the trip to forest we had lunch and enjoyed of the "snow view from our livingroom windows. Nature is so beautiful

2 kommenttia:

Anonymous kirjoitti...

Kerrassaan upeaa!! Niin maisemat, koirat kuin uusi kotinne. :)

t. Mosse ja perhe

Ronin Heli kirjoitti...

Yhdyn Mossen sanomisiin,,upeaa!