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torstai 24. syyskuuta 2009

About Rubus & Julinka & Exo

Our little "Leobaby" Julinka has now her first season...a big girl :)

In the sorrow I forgot to tell that Rubus started to have problems in his hindquarter at spring 2009. His back had spondylosis and we are "quessing" now that the nerve staid in a pressure after some bone broke, or there came a disk problem.
Here Rubus and Exo years ago.
I miss you both...
perjantai 18. syyskuuta 2009

Rubus in Memoriam 1.11.00-17.09.09

Rubus lost control over his back legs on the 17th of September. He was out alone (=without other our Leos) peeing and slowly walking in our back yard like he often did. He staid sleeping out and about half hour later Hali came grazy nervous and made all our other dogs nervous too. First we didn't understand that what was going on. Hali was the first one who heard Rubus crying out. Rubus had fallen down on the ground and could not move his back legs, even he tried. He could only crawl with front legs. Mike did the most work of carring him to our house. It was late evening and we had to wait till morning to go to veterinarian. Night was very long ... I gave twice narcotic by syringe for Rubus during the night. Good that I had that medicin since the time Exo was sick. I was awake with Rubus that whole night.
In the morning it was very hard mentally lift Rubus in the car knowing that this was Rubus last trip. Our veterinarian was very kind (again) and understood our worry and Rubus got immediatelly anesthetic ...

Rubus is berried in our yard beside her half sister Uni.

Thank you Rubus... I hope that you can play now with Livia, Exo and Uni

torstai 10. syyskuuta 2009

Berries... I want berries...

Rolf got an idea ... I want berries ...
but how to get them out of the tree ? :)