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torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

News of Anne & Mike & Ann's Lions

We are back ... ?
We have 2,5 hard years behind, so you've not heard of us. Sorry about that. When we moved to Polvijärvi, our home kind of "killed" us health, strenght & money because we found out that our home was a "mold house" and wooden walls were eaten by bugs :(
We had a lawyer for this whole perioid (2,5 years) and with his help we finally got rid of this "case".
At spring (May -14) we could rent a healthy and wonderful home at countryside in Polvijärvi. Thank you of this possibility for the house owners. After recovering during this lovely summer, our strenghts are slowly getting back :)
Our Leos are feeling fine and are happy for their lives. Hali will be 9 years next weekend, Fialka 8 years in November, Julinka 6 years in Dec, like Rolf too in March.
Our Norwegian ForestCats are happy too, we built them a big outside fence for the summer time. Unfortunatelly we need to search a new home for Bosse. We can not keep our 3 cats in this house and need now some new arrangements. If you are interested and can give a Good Home for him, please contact anne.croom @ (0400 177 496) and I'll tell more about him. Here some pics.