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sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Sun -Sooo Beautiful & fun

Sun - aurinko - kaunista - beautiful - our dogs - koiramme
Fialka - beauty

View from our field

View from our field

Aino on her trip in the fields

Our home in the sunshine

Our dogs & our "trip to forest" in this morning

Fialka, Aino, Hali and Rolf


Fialka and snow

Julinka in the middle of the forest and snow

Hali in front and Rolf behind

Aino if front and Fialka behind

Rolf boy

Julinka in front and Hali behind

Julinka carries very big logs :)

Julinka bringing the log to forest

Julinka on the right and Hali on the left

After the trip to forest we had lunch and enjoyed of the "snow view from our livingroom windows. Nature is so beautiful
torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

Mukavaa vuotta 2012

"Elmo" Ann's Lions Deep Blue Sea: "TOP LEOT" 2011, jaettu 10.s sija. Hienoa Minna :)
"Fjonka" Ann's Lions Star of Gentleness: Onnea terveystuloksista A/A, 0/0, silmät OK, LPN1 N/N.
New plan is to breed her, because Julinka" seem to be "empty"... no puppies.
If you are interested of future Fjonka's puppies, feel free to contact me.
sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

NEWS 2012

My email address has changed !!!! anne.croom (at) and we live now in Polvijärvi FI.
A lot has happened in two months. I've not been much at computer and I apologize that have not contacted You my Friends. Reason is:
- we moved and all energy and time went for that
- we lost one of our lovable Leos, I've been veeery sad
- internet connection has been working only a week in two months

Julinka was inseminated during the Christmas week, hopefully we will get puppies in February 2012

We have a lot of fields and forest to do trips there with our dogs. We really live now at country side 
Julinka carries firewood to house and to our trips to forest :) She really carries big logs



OUR "new old" home where our dogs can be mostly free. Here Fialka running.

We even have this oldfashion fence :)

We have a lot of snow
1.1.2012 SUN (and dogs tail :)