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keskiviikko 28. lokakuuta 2009

Reissu Tromsöön 24.-25.10.09

Here is our tired Filia Falia Foo :)

We did a trip to Norway with Fialka and she was entered for 2 shows. I did that kind of a trip during year 2001 with my Lovable Livia. I wanted to go back and have there some memories of Livia too. The mountains in Norway are sooo beautiful.

On Saturday Fialka was best female and got the Norwegian CAC. Our photos did not turn out well at all, so here the "best" ones. Best of breed was Nico. It was fun that In Kajaani show January 2009, Nico was also BOB (+became an INT CH) and Fialka was the Best Of Opposite (+became a FI CH) .

On Sunday Fialka was sooo bored and tired. She did not want to run in the ring ... judge told that she got the second place in Champion Class because of that.

The photo below is taken at home on Monday morning. We had driven the whole night and Fialka was tiiireeed. She staid to sleep in our chair when I left to work.

I had a lack of sleep of 2 nights, because we drove 2 nights without sleep (2x1000 km). However we went straight to work on Monday morning. Tired but happy....I saw the mountains again :)
torstai 15. lokakuuta 2009

Cute Julinka

Julinka was sooo cute in the morning, sleeping on her toys. She is wearing a T-shirt because she got a little cut in her armpit a day ago, when we were in the woods.