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sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2012

NEWS 2012

My email address has changed !!!! anne.croom (at) and we live now in Polvijärvi FI.
A lot has happened in two months. I've not been much at computer and I apologize that have not contacted You my Friends. Reason is:
- we moved and all energy and time went for that
- we lost one of our lovable Leos, I've been veeery sad
- internet connection has been working only a week in two months

Julinka was inseminated during the Christmas week, hopefully we will get puppies in February 2012

We have a lot of fields and forest to do trips there with our dogs. We really live now at country side 
Julinka carries firewood to house and to our trips to forest :) She really carries big logs



OUR "new old" home where our dogs can be mostly free. Here Fialka running.

We even have this oldfashion fence :)

We have a lot of snow
1.1.2012 SUN (and dogs tail :)

4 kommenttia:

Sanna ja Valma kirjoitti...

Onnea uuteen vuoteen! Todella ikävää että jouduitte luopumaan yhdestä Leosta :( Koda?!

Anonymous kirjoitti...

Oh, onpa ihana koti ja maisemat!!

Miten surullista, että yksi on joukosta poissa. :( Lämmin halaus teille sinne!

Mosse ja perhe

Anonymous kirjoitti...

Onnea uudelle vuodelle sekä uudelle kodille! :)

Terv. Tuire

Marika kirjoitti...

Kaikkea hyvää uuteen kotiinne!
Marika ja muu poppoo