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torstai 7. marraskuuta 2013

Leonberger Calendar 2014

Kalenteri on valmis ja uusi tuotteeni magneetti, jolla kiinnittää kalenteri vaikkapa jääkaapin oveen (kuten se meillä on :)
Kalenteria voit tilata osoitteesta

Tässä kalenteri

sunnuntai 3. marraskuuta 2013

Fialka 7 Years

Congratulations my Lovely Fialka, FiliaFaliaFoo, Fifi etc. She has many nicknames. She is today 7 years old and really feeling well, living happy life at country with Hali (8y), Julinka (soon 5y), Rolf (soon 5y) and Fialka's grandson Grazy (3 months).  I love my Fialka sooooo much. She is so smart, beautiful, trusty ....
They say that dog reminds their owner hmmmm   :) ????
Here she is today:
My beauty Fialka

Fialka at field

Searching the best grass to eat

She is like a cow eating grass :)

Her big work now a days is to teach to Grazy puppy some good manners.

Grazy is good to learn (if he wants) ... he walks beside his grandmother Fialka ...

He is itchy on the right whe grandmother Fialka is too ...

Standing like grandmother Fialka ...

And now sitting :)

"Grazy" name is part of finnish and english, like we say  finglish :)

Stick ... he loves sticks like his father Pogo and aunt Julinka

Stick - stick - stick

and stick :)