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sunnuntai 28. heinäkuuta 2013

Life with Puppies

Trying different ways to get milk :)

That was goooooood ....

Summer cake including berries from our garden

We had visitors from Norway. See the Lady's tattoo ... ofcourse a leonberger :)

Lovely puppies

The Norwegian family had their Leos with them and here is Elvira, daughter of our Fialka.

Here is their other Leo Bianca. It was so nice to see them both

Here they are playing in our yard

And see the car on the left...I've always been dreaming of that ... a Suburban.

Here Bianca and Mona ... soon leaving back to Norway. It's a long trip but they have soooo good car ... Suburban...I'm dreaming again

New day and we decided to try feeding the puppies from this big bowl

Actually it went quite well if we don't count the gruel all ower the puppies :)

I think that I need a shower

No shower, but a wash by a cloth & water

New surprise for puppies.. bigger meatballs ... ofcourse the best harburger that you can get from store. Sometimes we wonder that dogs eat better  than we do.  PS Our dogs eat hamburger, turkey, rice, barley & some dry food.

The trick in the meatballs was that they did have deworming inside them.

And they eat it with good apetite

Ofcourse there are some exceptions

This is good

Do I want to eat this or not?
Puppies have a bigger area to play now

tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

Puppies 2 weeks


LightBlue male

Lime male








lauantai 20. heinäkuuta 2013


Sunday morning started with corn gruel. It's boiled to oldfashion milk, that we get from store.
It has all fat like the milk straight taken from a cow. It's pasteurized but not homogenized. So it's more natural milk than homogenized. I love that milk too :) I also add egg yolk and corn flour to the gruel, not forgetting  honey. Our tradition is to serve this gruel to puppies from "dessert bowls, that I got from my grandmother.
Photos show their first "touch" to corn cruel.... They all liked it, but at the first time the amount is very small.

Girls Julinka and Fialka waiting for me

Dinner is served :)

Puppies eyes have started to open and they look now so cute. At the same time also ears open, but slowlier than eyes. 
They eat mostly mom's milk and now also formula. Today was their first day for meatballs.
10 little meatballs and one big for mom. Drink is mom's milk, but besides that is also needed formula

Pups waiting for their turns to eat their lives first meatballs :)

They did like the meat

And mom Fjonca gets the biggest piece of meat


Mom cleaning

... cleaning ...

... cleaning ... and taking care of her "kids"

See how our eyes are already open

Feel tired

Sleepy beauty

Time to rest